Zakład Elektroniki Medycznej

Medical Electronics Division exists since 1985.

Research activities of the Division concentrate on:

processing and analysis of signals and images (e.g. Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI), endoscopic images, ECG and EEG signals);

  • software packages for magnetic resonance (MR) image texture analysis within (COST actions),
  • software package for interpretation of video sequences recorded by wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE),
  • Analog ECG signal generator („artificial patient”) for on-line converting of ECG digital recordings form the MIT–BIH Arrhythmia Database;
  • ECG analysis software packages (T-wave alternans, wavelet-based analysis)

design of human-machine interfaces and electronic aids for the disabled;

  • Brain Computer Interface System – analysis of EEG waveforms for building communication link with a paralyzed person,
  • electronic travel aid for the blind based on a mobile stereovision and 3D audio,
  • fatigue monitoring of humans by means of vision based eye blink analysis,
  • speech synthesis enabled mobile phones for blind and visually impaired,
  • speech reading from mouth image sequences

internet technologies and data security systems (development of internet-accessed databases, applications of smart card technology);

  • Technical University of Lodz microprocessor card system as an aid for management of teaching and research on the Faculty level,
  • Oracle database solutions coupled to smart card technologies for maximum security

applications of computational intelligence in medicine and engineering (biometrics, medical and technical diagnosis);

  • Cellular Neural Networks for texture generation and image recognition,
  • software packages for feature selection in supervised (SVM) and unsupervised contexts,
  • application of artificial neural networks – environment monitoring, medical diagnosis,
  • visual odometry systems for mobile navigation

design of embedded systems using microcontrollers, DSP and FPGA technologies;

  • real-time 3D scene reconstruction based on the TMS 320DM642 DSP platform; new DSP student laboratory based on TMS 6713 DSPs
  • in house design of embedded systems, new embedded system student laboratory
  • embedded designs of 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) inertia sensors

Division staff, counting 15 members (including 4 professors), with a group of PhD students teach undergraduate and graduate courses (in Polish and English) in analog electronics, signal and image processing, computer systems and networks. The Division takes part in international research and teaching programs such as Socrates, COST, and Polonium.

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